W International / 2021

W International does some serious business. We built them a site that doesn’t mess around. W International is a metal fabricator devoted to supporting our nation’s armed forces by engineering state-of-the-art submarines and surface vessels. We engineered an also state-of-the-art site that captures this dynamic interplay of innovation and security. We started with angular, action-oriented iconography and a color scheme based on that reliable blend of red, white and a deep, maritime blue. Then we topped it off with a series of highly disciplined animations—the kind that stand at attention, awaiting their orders, only moving when you move. As the user navigates the page, potent phrases materialize across the screen like a teletype mission docket. Submarine specs coalesce into a waterborne vessel before your eyes. W International prides itself on end-to-end fabrication, building its innovations from blueprint to reality. We built them a home base that captures this reality in immaculate detail.


  • Industrial

Services we provided

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  • Web Design
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