Happyface / 2021

Happyface specializes in making CBD products accessible, affordable, and downright affable. They needed a look, logo and website that captured their energy. We gave them a virtual store that is friendly, retro-fashioned and fully laid back. Vapes, edibles, and apparel display in striking sunshine yellow, peppermint green, and creamsicle orange. Vivid photography makes it all feel very personal, like this website wants to hang out on your shag carpet and listen to vinyl. Happyface promotes the therapeutic benefits of CBD edibles and oils. We promote the therapeutic benefits of intuitive color scheming and a navigable user experience. Together, we cultivated an all-natural, totally organic, and fully sustainable website.


  • eCom, Product

Services we provided

  • Brand Strategy
  • Communications
  • Product Design
  • Visual Identity
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
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