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A place where Mobile Creators of all sizes can come together, build & grow communities, and earn a living while doing what they love.

  • What We Did
  • Strategy
  • Identity & Positioning
  • Brand Guidelines

Mobile Creators live boldly, work passionately, and speak freely. Clash required an app that makes it easy for influencers to share, post, and earn a living. The Clash app is a platform for video content creation, connection, and community. We merged provocative brand imaging with a straightforward proposition—helping creators get paid quickly, and simply. We built the functionality to turn followers into funders, added vivid action photography, and infused the design with a bright, outgoing vibe—powerful pinks, sunbursts of yellow, inviting liquid blues. The result—an app and brand image that swirl with the same dramatic brushstrokes and fearless energy as the vibrant community of influencers they serve.

Clash rallies mobile creators together around unique video content. Our design gives these creators a visually stimulating space, brimming with style, substance, and vibe.

Beautiful typography makes a world of difference. We bring attention to every detail.

Your style guide is a point of reference for your brand, a comprehensive resource centered around your identity.

Clash encourages the members of its community to have fun and take risks. We branded an app that does both.

We draw our icons from scratch, capturing the individuality and coloring-outside-the-lines spirit at the heart of the Clash experience.