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The Illustrated Brand—Visual Storytelling in a Time of Short Attention Spans.

A great story draws the reader in right away, feels relatable, captures the imagination, and leaves your readers feeling as if they’ve been on an incredible journey. If you’re writing a 300-page book, you’ve got plenty of space to tell that whole story. But what if you’ve only got a website, or just a web page, or printed pamphlet to tell your story? Naturally, you can write the whole story in a teeny-tiny font, but we find that pictures are a lot easier on the eyes.

Tell a Story…But Make It Quick

Visual storytelling gives your brand a chance to be seen as more than just a product or service. This is your platform to spotlight the culture, values and people behind your brand. Of course, you’re really proud of your culture, values, and people, and you’ve got a ton to say about all that stuff. But here’s the thing…get to the point already!

Sorry for yelling.

But you’ve got to tell your story in a way that is at once compelling and digestible.

A Picture is Worth at Least 144 Characters

Our attention spans are not only short, but they’re divided in a million different directions at all times. Honestly, how many windows and tabs do you have open right now? As much as we all love a great story, nobody’s got time for Moby Dick. Now, I’m not saying that Moby Dick needs more pictures, but maybe your brand does.

Illustration is a powerful way to tell your brand’s story, one that offsets the need for a ton of written explanation. A few evocative moments of illustration can draw your audience into your story, they can add emotional color to your narrative, and, in the hands of the truly great artist, illustrations can tell your story in its entirety with both elegance and efficiency.

Choose Your Avatar

Every great story needs a hero. Is it your valued customer? Is it the hard-working and talented team that builds your product? Is it some bearded dude who founded your company 100 years ago? Whoever it is, build a story around your hero’s journey, and make it relatable for your target.

We don’t live in the land of fairytales, so there are no guarantees. But if you start with a great story, there’s a chance your brand could live happily ever after.